Interesting Info

    Click the above link to send Christopher an e-mail.  He usually responds as soon as he receives
    an e-mail, but if you don't hear from him within 24 hours, please give him a call.  

    Christopher doesn't type, so you're better off calling him with your questions rather than
    e-mailing or texting him.  He's always happy to answer any questions and talk about our dogs
    and this wonderful breed.  You can call him until 11 p.m. EST at  229-344-5622

    Our puppies are usually sold before they're born, so we do have a waiting list.  We require a
    $200 nonrefundable deposit.  If you want to get on the waiting list, call Christopher and tell him.
    And when you send in your deposit make sure to include ALL of your contact information:  
    Name, address, phone: work, cell, and let him know which number you prefer to be called on,
    and the best times for him to call.  

    ALSO tell him if you have a preference for male or female and give him 2 color choices -- but not
    for a roan.  He won't take any reservations for roan puppies anymore.  True roans, with the
    saddle, are very rare for us with the dogs we currently have.  So, at least for now, no requests
    for roan puppies.

                                                                   SEND YOUR DEPOSIT MADE OUT TO:

                                                   Christopher Loizou
                                                      P.O. Box 56
                                        Sasser, GA  39885-0056                            

                              Remember:  Deposits are nonrefundable
 But if the sex or color puppy you want is not in the litter you're waiting for, then your deposit
 will roll over to the next litter and you will be at the top of the list until you get the puppy you