Ty & Sadie
Socks' Pedigree
Thunderstruck's Twerp
AKC pedigree
Covey Flush Sadie Seed of Satan

breeder pedigree
Wind Whistle Halley's Comet
breeder pedigree
Windmillwood Fizz
2-pg Kennel Club Pedigree
We are very proud of the pedigrees of our dogs. Some of our female English cocker spaniels
have been imported.  All of our dogs are trained hunting dogs and are excellent retrievers.
All of the litters are whelped in our home so that the puppies can be well-socialized before
they're weaned and graduate to the puppy kennels outside to be near the grown-up dogs and
continue their socialization with other dogs.  
Covey Flush Annie Get Your Gun
AKC pedigree
Razr Two Socks
breeder pedigree
We just got two little girls from
England.  Christopher's naming them
Covey Flush Queen Elizabeth III and
Covey Flush Catherine the Great,
"Lizzy" and "Cate."  Lizzy is white
with black ticking and Cate is liver.
Sophie and Rumor have spent the last few
months at the trainer's.  We're looking forward
to getting them back this week. They were only
two months' old in these pictures.  I'm sure
they'll going to look a lot different!
Covey Flush Sophie's Choice
"Lucy," Covey Flush Loose Lucy will also be
coming back from the trainer this week.  Lucy is
also liver.

As soon as they come back I'll be taking
pictures to post of all of them.

They're not old enough for breeding yet....but
time flies by.
Covey Flush Rumor Has It
Ty and Sadie