If you visit us, you'll find Ty in the
house with us.  He's a huge couch
potato and a real snuggler.  Although
he's very laid back in the house, he's
a real dynamo on a dove field.

I didn't want his hair cut, so he
doesn't get to hunt much now.
These pictures will give you an idea
of how long their hair gets.  And it
doesn't require a lot of upkeep
either.  They "blow" their coat twice a
year, spring and fall.  The rest of the
year they don't shed much at all.
Mallowdale Nero
Moss's Kennel Club Pedigree
Interesting Info
Interesting Info
The breeder pedigree shows as many generations as possible, as well as all of the titles in their background that don't appear on their AKC
pedigree.  AKC doesn't show field trial champions from outside the United States.  When you look at a pedigree and see
FC or FTC or F.T. CH,
all of those designations mean Field Trial Champion.  FTW means Field Trial Winner.  Whether you intend to hunt a dog or not, having a strong
pedigree with a lot of FTC's in its background ensures your dog is from excellent stock with all of the great characteristics you want to look for in
a great pet and/or hunting dog.
Imported from
Spinnchetti Cassino

Ty's breeder pedigree
Absolute's Quailmoor
Oahe Dakota

Cody's breeder pedigree
Cody is our newest addition and
the only male not from England.  
But when we saw his pedigree
we were very excited.  It's really
impressive.  He still young.  But
he's very sweet and eager to
please.  A bit more training and
he'll be awesome in the field.
We imported Andy from England when he was a puppy.  He was a wild child.  When
he was 18 months old he started calming down -- a little.  But I still thought he was too
rambunctious for a house dog and was going to have to stay outside in the kennel.
I didn't think he'd ever be able to sit on the couch and watch TV with us like Ty does.  
Andy was always so busy all of the time, he didn't seem capable of relaxing.

The trainer said to wait and see how he did after he worked with him this last time.
He was right!  Now Andy's very well-behaved.  I think it's also partially because he's
older, too

Andy's the first dog we've had run in a hunt contest and he got two ribbons his first time
out.  He is so unbelievably fast, we hope to see him run in upcoming hunt contests.
Gavosie Fire Strike