If you come to visit us, you'll find Ty in the
house with us.  He's a huge couch potato
and a real snuggler.  He's a very laid back
in the house, but watch out on a dove field,
he's a dynamo!  
Mallowdale Nero
Moss's Kennel Club Pedigree
The breeder pedigree shows as many generations as possible, as well as all of
the field trial champions in their background that don't appear on their AKC
pedigree.  AKC doesn't show field trial champions from outside the U.S.

FC or FTC or F.T.CH all mean field trial champion. FTW means field trial winner.
Imported from
Spinnchetti Cassino
Ty's breeder pedigree
Absolute's Quailmoor
Oahe Dakota
Cody's breeder pedigree
Cody is our newest addition and
the only male not from England.  
But when we saw his pedigree we
were very excited.  It's really
impressive. He just turned a year
old.  He's very sweet and eager to
please.  A bit more training and
he'll be awesome in the field.
Gavosie Fire Strike
Andy's Kennel Club Pedigree