Covey Flush Kennels
Christopher Loizou
P.O. Box 56
Sasser, GA  39885

Dear Christopher,

I hope you are doing well and enjoyed your summer.  Early, my English
Cocker Spaniel ("ECS"), is now four years old.  She and I have been
working hard to sharpen her skills for the field.  As in previous years, Early
is ready for this dove season.

Recently, I was thinking about when I began the process of acquiring an
ECS, which was six years ago this fall.  Admittedly, you were not the first
breeder I contacted.  I first called a breeder who touted themselves as the
premier provider of ECS's and bragged about selling dogs to celebrities.  
After a few telephone conversations, the breeder would not return my
calls.  Discouraged, I continued my search for another legitimate breeder
in the Southeast; especially a breeder who would simply return my calls
and answer my questions.

In about October of 2005, I discovered your website and called you.  We
talked for a length of time about the breed and my expectations of the
same.  You patiently answered the questions of a novice seeking a bird
dog.  I had a very specific dog in mind: female, mask, liver or blue roan,
and most importantly, would obey commands.  Candidly, you informed
me you could not predict the color or gender of a litter, and that someone
else also wanted an ECS of my description.  I had to wait.  So I did.  
However, in the interim, you continually voluntarily called me to talk about
ECS's, training methods, your current litters, and hunting.  Our
discussions over that span fortified my belief that I was getting the right
dog from the right breeder.

I really appreciate your enthusiasm for the ECS breed.  You did not make
one single empty promise about your dogs.  Your advice smoothed the
transition from aspiring bird dog owner, to hunting with a birdie ECS.

Looking back on my process, the joke is me for wasting my time with
another breeder who would not give me the time.  When people ask me
where I got Early, I quickly tell them, "Christopher at Covey Flush Kennels,
don't waste your time with anyone else."

Please continue to breed great dogs.  
Thanks, Claude, for such a wonderful letter,
all the gorgeous pictures you've sent us,
and for the many referrals you've sent our way.
We really appreciate it!
Claude and Early
Nutmeg - "Meg"