About Us

One day, while on a pheasant hunt in South Dakota, Christopher had the pleasure of watching an English Cocker Spaniel work. The dog was much smaller than all the other retrievers that day, which were mostly labs and a few Boykins. Boy, did that little cocker run circles around those other dogs! It was amazing the way the dog would take off like a rocket every time, tirelessly retrieving bird after bird.

That very evening after the shoot, Christopher began learning as much as he could about the breed. The more he learned about the field-bred English Cocker Spaniel, the more he realized he had to have one of these dogs! After speaking with many of the top trainers in the country, and asking them every question he could think of about the breed and training them, he was hooked. Shortly after that, he made “Wally, “Fallen Wing’s Welsh, a 3-year old male from England, his first cocker, in March of ’96.

Over the years, as Christopher began to search for dogs to build up his kennel, he learned that while the breed was beginning to become better known in more areas throughout America, they were still not readily available. So he concentrated on dogs with superior field trial pedigrees in an effort to bring the British legacy of fine gun dogs to the USA. We continually strive to improve the breed. Covey Flush Kennels is small. We don’t want to be the biggest breeder, we want to be the best.  We only plan a breeding if we have three names on the waiting list; that determines how many litters we have per year.  Our puppies are sold before they’re born.  A puppy from Covey Flush Kennels is well worth the wait.