Available Puppies

Sorry, we don’t have any puppies available right now.

  Contact Christopher for information on any upcoming breedings.



Our puppies are usually all sold before they’re born, so you’ll want to be sure to get on the waiting list.  We require a nonrefundable $250 deposit that is deducted from the price of your puppy.  Give Christopher a call and he’ll tell you how to get on the waiting list.

Something Christopher always tells people is that color and gender do not hunt:  The pedigree hunts.  In other words, our breeders have pedigrees with multiple field trial champions in their background.  That’s your assurance you’re going to get a puppy that will be a great dog.  Even if you don’t plan to hunt the dog, the caliber of the pedigree lets you know that these dogs are super smart and will be easy to train because it’s bred in them, just as retrieve drive is inbred.

Puppies are born around 63 days from when the dogs are bred.  Add eight weeks to the due date and this will give you a pretty good idea of when you’re going to be able to get your puppy.

After the puppies are a few days old, Christopher will call you and tell you what puppies the mama had.  If the color or sex of puppy you want isn’t available, then your name will roll over to the top of the list for the next litter.

When the puppy you want has been born, Christopher will tell you the dates of the weekend it will be ready for pick up.  If you think you may have a vacation or something planned at that pick-up or shipping time, then you’ll want to wait for the next litter, and need to tell Christopher.  It’s no fun for the puppy after all its littermates are gone.  If we have to hold the puppy more than 3 days beyond the ship or pick-up weekend there will be a $25 per day fee for boarding unless arrangements are made in advance.

Due to temperature restrictions, it’s become too difficult to use the airlines for shipping puppies in airline cargo.  We’ve started recommending using a transport service if you need your dog delivered.  They pick the dog up from us and deliver it to your door.  Most try to stay competitive with airline fees.  It does take a number of days for delivery, depending on where else their deliveries are.  They take excellent care of the dogs.  They stop often and let each dog out individually.  They stop early every evening to feed the dogs and allow them time out of the cage to play.  The driver sleeps in the van with the dogs so they’re not left alone overnight.  We’ve heard nothing but good things from the customers who have used them.  It gives you another delivery option to consider if you can’t come pick up your puppy.

Another option is for you to fly here and then fly back with the puppy in a soft-sided pet carrier under your seat.  The airline does not charge a lot for the puppy when it accompanies you.

We’re now in Milton, Florida and close to a number of airports.  Depending on your travel plans, one may suit your needs.

(PNS)   Pensacola International (21 miles)

(VPS)   Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport (32 miles)

(MOB)   Mobile Regional Airport (72 miles)

(ECP)   Northwest Florida Beaches International (75 miles)

Regional airports are less than 15 miles away for small planes