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We just LOVE Jessie! 3 quail hunts and she has with her ability to “find the bird.” She is still learning!


Christopher, This is Lucy. The first picture is her first quail. We’re working on her retrieving skills. She’s doing well. She loves being in the field and things come really natural to her. She is very birdy! She gets better each time we’re out. The last photo shows her fierce determination. A chip monk ran… Read more »


Governor Deal. She has been flushing and retrieving for Broadfield Plantation since she was six and one half months old. She has become the primary flushing and retrieving dog. She hunts at least six days a week and has not lost a bird since the second week she started. The dog handler says she is… Read more »


Christopher: I wanted to share some photos with you of “Chief” from Moss’ and Socks’ litter of December 6, 2012. He is an absolutely amazing retriever, family member, companion and friend. He is an outstanding retriever and could literally spend all day in the field retrieving birds. You can tell that this is what he… Read more »