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Maggie and Max

Maggie and Max


I want to thank you for breeding these dogs, I’m crossing my fingers that you will still be at it when I need another. As I lost my Lakeland Terrier of 13 yrs., I had mixed emotions. Certainly I was sad, but was also relieved that I didn’t have to be subjected to all of… Read more »


Looks like Early likes boating and fishing too!


Rosie is really a special pup. She is learning how to sit and already walks on a leash okay (she now pulls me instead of the other way around). We couldn’t be more pleased. I’ll send pictures some other time when I figure out how. Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs. I think she… Read more »


Hi Christopher, Just wanted to let you know that the puppy, whom we named Georgia, is a and I wanted to just thank you. Especially with the sadness that we’ve had over having to put our 8 year old cocker down due to a brain tumor it’s a treat to have a bundle of joy… Read more »


Christopher, I have to say Huck is the BEST dog we have ever had. There are too many stories to write about him. He will hop on ANY mode of transportation…the john deere tractor, the bobcat, the riding lawn mower, the 4-wheeler, even the huge CAT that we have at our barn in Tennessee. I… Read more »


Ainslie shared these great pictures of their new puppy Jessie.


The Davidson’s Maddie

Growing Peaches

Enjoying the Beautiful Texas Bluebonnets and gorgeous weather today.


Molly was 9 months old last Sunday.