2011. While it was a long way to drive, we have since learned that we will not be buying another dog from anywhere else and can’t wait to get him a little sister.

From day one I could tell that Dale was one of the birdiest dogs I have ever handled. I have always been a lab and Chesapeake owner and in the past been committed to those breeds. But I tell you this—the Covey Flush lines are GUN DOGS. I have a coffee table book entitled, “The Encyclopedia of North American Gun Dog” in which it describes how important it is to get an English Cocker Spaniel lineage that is still infused with the sporting blood that has makes this breed the versatile worker that it is, especially sires from Britain. When we were inquiring about getting a puppy, Christopher assured me that he makes a deliberate attempt to incorporate this fundamental ideal into every litter he produces. I can assure you, he has succeeded.

I worked with Dale on quartering, flushing, and retrieving starting at about 3-4 months. To be honest, I am by no means a professional trainer. My knowledge comes from books and second hand knowledge as I guide my dog the best way I know how. But with that being said, this dog makes me look good. I joined a dove club last season which consisted of 7-8 hunts throughout the season on Sundays. Dale was, to put it simply, remarkable. His marks were always rock solid and his determination was evident to everyone in the club as he consistently outperformed the other labs and retrievers who were brought along. He was attentive, focused, and steadfast. And all this at 8 months old. But most importantly, his enthusiasm was unbridled. I have yet to see another dog this excited to get after birds. Even if he’s in the front seat of the truck going to the grocery store, he is constantly scanning the skies for fowl. Now at a year and a half old and 35+ pounds, he is a bird dog if I’ve ever seen one.

While I have grown to expect the very best of Dale in the field, he’s first and foremost a house dog. He obviously earns it, and we have trouble not spoiling him–he sleeps in our king bed and becomes our couch companion on movie nights. Our home is quite simply not home without him and he is certainly part of our family in every way. We truly think we have one of the best dogs around.

Thank you so much for everything

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