I want to thank you for breeding these dogs, I’m crossing my fingers that you will still be at it when I need another. As I lost my Lakeland Terrier of 13 yrs., I had mixed emotions. Certainly I was sad, but was also relieved that I didn’t have to be subjected to all of his downsides any longer. I realized that I needed an obedient dog. My son bought an ECS from a local pet store. Being around him on occasion revitalized my desire to have a pet dog. Long story short, I researched the breed and ended up searching for an field bred ECS. All I can say is that my puppy that I purchased from you has exceeded my expectations in every way imaginable. From house training, obedience, trainability, loveability, intelligence, will to please, etc. etc. etc. etc.

I would not waste my time sending this email if I didn’t believe 100% in what I am saying as I’m not a BS’er. I’ve had my pup for about two months, and it is obvious to me that Christopher’s puppies are inherently capable of being the best house dogs or bird hunting dogs a man could ask for. Turbo loves packing his antler around and chewing on it as well as frolicking around in the ivy.

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