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Friends and Partners

Wondering what people and products we endorse?  Who we like to hunt with?  Places we recommend?  Well here ya' go! 


One of my favorite places!  World  class clay shooting, a stocked lake, exotic animal hunts, pistol and rifle ranges, and very comfortable lodging that feels homey and welcoming.

Contact the good folks at The Reserve to book an Upland Hunt with me and the Covey Flush Cockers! 


This is a great way to see the dogs in action if you are on the fence about owning a field bred English Cocker Spaniel.

Limited dates for hunts with me - weekends during season only.  You can book with their other fantastic guides almost anytime during the season.


My good friend, neighbor, and fellow dog trainer Steve Driscoll.  This guy is amazing.  Really.  He has an incredible knack for working with dogs, especially puppies.  Steve is a very experienced trainer with a background in search and rescue.  I partner with Steve often and he is the best at starting a dog off right by teaching it how to learn using only positive methods.  A great option for your pup is to send it to Steve from 8 to 12 weeks old and let him lay a solid foundation.


Looking for a great place to hunt, fish, or otherwise recreate?  Check out Alabama Black Belt Adventures to find resources on all the cool things to do in this very special region of Alabama.

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