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Upcoming Litters

Spring 2024

We are planning 7 and possibly 8 litters for Spring heats.  This means pups will begin to be available early Summer through late Summer of 2024.  We are currently taking deposits for these litters.  We have not yet settled on the exact pairings.  

Something Christopher always told people is that color and gender do not hunt, the pedigree hunts.  In other words, our breeders have pedigrees with multiple field-trial champions in their background which assures you you’re going to get a puppy that will be a great dog.  Even if you don't plan to hunt the dog, the caliber of the pedigree lets you know that these dogs are super smart and will be easy to train because it's bred in them, just as retrieve drive is inbred.

Puppies are born between 58-68 days from when the dogs are bred.  Add eight weeks to the due date and this will give you a pretty good idea of when you're going to be able to get your puppy.  After the puppies are a few days old, We will call you and tell you what color and sex the puppies are.  If the color or sex you wanted isn't available, then your name will roll over to the top of the list for the next litter.

When the puppy you want has been born, We will tell you the dates of the weekend it will be ready for pickup.  If you have a vacation or trip planned at that pickup or shipping time, then you should wait for the next litter, and you need to tell us.  A puppy left alone after all its littermates are gone is miserable; it isn't fair to the puppy.  If a puppy has to be held more than 3 days beyond the ship date or pickup weekend, there will be a $25-per-day fee for boarding unless prior arrangements have been made.


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