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Our Males

The breeder pedigree shows as many generations as possible, as well as all of the titles in their background that don't appear on their AKC pedigree. AKC doesn't show field trial champions from outside the United States. When you look at a pedigree and see "FC" or "FTC" or "F.T. CH," all of those designations mean Field Trial Champion. FTW means Field Trial Winner. Whether you intend to hunt a dog or not, having a strong pedigree with a lot of FTC's in its background ensures your dog is from excellent stock with all of the great characteristics you want to look for in a great pet and/or hunting dog.

Kingcott Barney JH


Barney was imported from Kingscott Gundogs in Scotland.  He is a gorgeous red dog.  He is compact but rock solid with tremendous drive and retrieving ability.  He is attentive, loving, and biddable all while being agile enough to clear a 5' fence.  In the field he is tough, bold, and tireless!

SHR Mistletoe Brando SH

brando 3.jpg
brando 2.jpg

Brando is a Covey Flush pup from 2019.  He is a product of a Billy/Emma breeding.  He has stunning good looks and is black with a very small white marking on his chest.  Brando has earned his SHR title as a retriever and hunted two seasons so far picking up doves, pheasant, quail, chukar, and various species of waterfowl.  He is a relentless flusher on his own or when working behind a pointer.  He is currently learning to find sheds as well!



A product of the great Mallowdale X Factor this is a lovely stud that has recently rejoined the Covey Flush pack.  We are incredibly excited to have him home with us permanently.  I have never seen a better pedigree than his, with the vast majority of his ancestors being Field Trial Champions!

Our Females

We are very proud of the pedigrees of our dogs. Most of our female English cocker spaniels have been imported. All of our dogs are trained hunting dogs and are excellent retrievers. All of the litters are whelped in our home so that the puppies can be well-socialized before they're weaned and graduate to the puppy kennels outside to be near the grown-up dogs and continue their socialization with other dogs.

Whirlwind Katie


Covey Flush Misfit


Sugarbullet Sadie


Kingcott Rene

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